Tuesday, 31 January 2012

There's nothing better than slow Sunday mornings, turning the heat up way too high, staying in bed with the dogs and the computer and a wife that brings coffee in bed in your favorite cup. Finally getting up without looking at the time and realizing you have all the ingredients to make scones and then finding a jar of the best jam in the back of the fridge. 

 Starting a day like that and ending it with a massive cup of hot chocolate, getting all the blankets from the bedroom and cuddling on the couch watching too many episodes of Mad men.

Going to Venessa's parents and drinking copious amounts of green tea with coconut oil and freshly baked cookies.

Having a quiet moment in the basement to myself, finally feeling warm after being cold for days and days. Watching the sparks fly out on the concrete floor and a small dog curled up on your lap.

Finding beauty where no one else would notice.

Strength and solidity when your insides are weak and chaotic.

So much to be grateful for.