Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sprouts, darkness and vast empty spaces..

I remember being little and my grandpa showing me how to grow sprouts in the windowsill of their old house. A small plate, paper towel folded in half wet from tap water, and the small seeds inside the fold. It wouldn’t take long for the seeds to sprout in the sun shining through the window. I watched with amazement how something we created together would grow and eventually be tall enough to cut with scissors and ready to be eaten. My grandpa put in on an open faced sandwich for me and it is still one of my favourite things to eat. The smell of sprouts still remind me of being there.

I came to think of that now as all the buds are bursting and the cycle of the seasons pushes through all our damage and darkness to display its yearly spectrum of greens. How inspiring to have to go through so much death and rubble and cold dark days and still, year after year be able to fill vast empty spaces with so much life. Blowing the minds of millions and millions in the most enlightening art show of the year.

I hope that somewhere there is a little bean sprout growing in me, breaking through the darkness and starting a new cycle of its own. 

Monday, 23 April 2012

The weekend

Enjoying our (almost) snow free yard

Carb free waffles with blueberry whip big deal.

Sea food soup for two

Our new adventure-maker

Scoping out driftwood for our living room project 

...and this is what we made. 

Lovely, lovely weekend!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

..and it's only 7.44..

Woke up at 6 with an insatiable hunger for the ocean...and waffles. Took a pregnancy test, it was negative but it's still really early so it's ok (not really but let's pretend it's ok). Searched wide and far for my dream stroller and found it. Schemed a way to convince me lady to go to her parents house and pick up an old canoe that's been calling my name for years. Scheme involves home made tea (ginger, lemon, cayenne, honey and garlic because she's got a cold), waffles and some serious sweet talk. Found a recipe for a saffron, aioli fish stew I'm making tonight. Cuddled with a belly up Tiko and cleaned up a week worth of outfits on every surface of our bedroom..and it's only 7.44..