Monday, 29 September 2014

The past few...

Playing eating and throwing rocks in the park with Mila after a walk on Ferry Island

 Some new cool carvings

We've been taking the wagon out to go mushroom picking/squirrel sightseeing in the backyard every day, Minea is stoked! 

Playdate and potluck at a friend's place

An evening hike to the river

Minea's second fall fair visit, last year she was just a wee tater tot in the sling. Farm animals is all the rage right now so clearly this was a hit. 

Luxury fruit platter

Aliah teaching Minea how close to stand to the TV while watching it

26 degree fall weather calls for doggy swims and walks along the river

Hanging out outside playing with eating weeds

I love this kid

50's diner for fries and milkshakes, some people were most interested in the ceiling fans

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

We love Toronto

On our way back from Sweden we flew to Toronto and spent five glorious days with Venessa's sister Kim and her husband Jon. We both had some reservations about being in a big, busy city with a baby who is used to living in the country but it turns out Minea LOVES the city. From the loud, extremely busy subway rides (where she would offer strangers crackers and make funny faces at them) to walking around downtown with busy traffic and streetcars, she blew our minds with how easily she adapted.

360 from the balcony

The view from the balcony where we spent every evening. I miss this! We caught the supermoon rise over the skyline and the reflection of the sun making the tall glass buildings look like they were almost on fire. 

A 10 minute ferry ride from the city and we were on this magical little island with quaint houses and sailboats and surprisingly beautiful calm beaches.

We spend the day exploring the island then ended the day with some beer testing from one of the local breweries. We can't wait to come back!

Thursday, 18 September 2014


All dressed up and ready for her first midsummer's day.We started out with the traditional "Goose Race" which Minea loved of course. Got caught in a rain storm and saw a tornado move alarmingly close in the sky!

In the afternoon we went to Lina and Balder's for a traditional Midsummer feast

The hostess

The boys going to get the salmon off the barbecue

That sums it up! A beautiful night with fun people and great food.