Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The past few...

Chicken spectators, the six little ones enjoyed a few hours outside on a nice day.

Planted our herb garden

26 weeks and growing big!

Forever painting wainscoting

Gun, Chicklet (Kara named that one), Tank and three unnamed baby chicks. 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Swedish flare, 1973 and butcher's blocks...

Since we found out we were having a baby there haven’t been many spare moment not spent painting, sanding, sawing, nail gunning and calculating measurements to improve the house before the little one comes along. I had a pretty clear intention of how I wanted this space to feel (like walking into your grandma’s house with old family pictures and furniture with history and stores behind them,  mixed with rustic earthy materials and a dash of Swedish flare aka IKEA) now the insane thing is Venessa took that and made it happen. Like really made it happen. Not talked about it or planned it, it’s already in done.

She gutted the baby’s room, formerly known as the cats’ room, made her a walk in closet (!), put in new flooring, a new ceiling and quickly transformed the space to probably the best room in the house.
Then came the hallway, our dark, narrow, 1973 style hallway. Venessa moved the doorway into the laundry room, wallpapered and put up wainscoting and these gorgeous headers for the doors that look just lovely. We plan on filling the walls with the history of both our families so our little girl can see what amazing history she is a part of.

Last week we tackled the laundry room, I wallpapered while Venessa made a custom cedar butchers block. She installed an industrial size sink in there for easy baby bottom rinse offs.
I might whine and complain (or wine and complain) about living in the constant dust of putty or sawdust in the bed but truth is I am pretty darn lucky to have someone create my dream home for us, all while being pregnant I might add. It was pretty funny watching her trying to plum a sink and not being able to lie on her belly.

Sneak peeks…