Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Since starting our baby journey three years ago I have become obsessed with blogs. Mama blogs, baby blogs, blogs about mama’s and baby’s, blogs about baby photography, maternity clothing, making organic baby food, blogs about fertility, adoption..you get the point. The noise of information is overwhelming and at times confusing. Although I feel very prepared in a lot of departments nothing can prepare you for having a baby. One of my favourite websites is offbeatmama.com. That website has opened my eyes in so many ways to families existing perfectly in so many shapes and forms. Although our family will be non-traditional in the eyes of others, I grew up in a very normal mom-dad-kids family setting. Offbeatmama.com is so great for putting to light things that you don’t normally see on the regular mom blogs, and has really helped me believe there is no normal.  When we had our evaluation with a psychiatrist before starting our initial inseminations, she asked if we had thought about questions raised about mine and Venessa’s relationship. If we had considered ways of dealing with bullying and other parents questioning our choices.  Truth is I have never thought of us as being different in the first place and I don’t understand why anyone would? Our family is going to be awesome because our baby is so wanted and will be so loved, that is all.