Thursday, 16 April 2015

The past few (months)

My little tippy toed helper

Valentine's Day breakfast

Cinnamon and raw sugar sprinkled on grapefruit, so good! Minea spit it out immediately of course since it contained no carbs.

Warm chocolate almond milk after a rainy walk

Spring clean up

 A walk and park play date on a beautiful day

 We have 5 new baby chicks! Minea named them all in different variations of her favourite characters Pippi and Emil. Let me introduce: Pippi, Emil, Pippipippi, EmilPippi and PippiEmil. Easy to remember I'll give her that!

Rainy days and our little bookworm 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Easter weekend part 2

Minea's first big Easter egg hunt. Sunny skies, happy kids, horses and tractor rides, what else could you ask for?

The bell rang and the hunt was on! 

The eggs were everywhere!

The Easter bunny even made a quick appearance

But the highlight of Minea's day was getting to ride behind the tractor. Three times she went, 20 minutes each time and a huge proud smile on her face the entire time. 

Thanking the nice man for the rides...

...but what's one more time! 

We planned an afternoon of crafts and play for the kiddos

...we made popcorn cherry blossom trees...

...planted seeds and had little helpers

...made bird feeders and hot dogs...

It was such a great weekend, me and Venessa went to bed on Monday night so filled with gratefulness and happiness that we have such a fun little girl to brighten our days and that we have the best group of friends that she gets to grow up with.