Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Closed ski-hill, evening magic and dance parties galore.

Nothing makes my heart skip an extra happy beat like being around family and family-like friends in a beautiful relaxing setting away from home. Even more than that I love seeing Minea surrounded by these people. 

A small minus in the planning of the trip was the fact that the ski-hill was closed the entire time we were there, major oops and face palm, but renting a snowmobile saved the day and lots of skiing and (extreme) tobogganing was done anyways. 

Our home for a few days

So many intense pool games

A little evening magic for the kids

so many dance parties!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Christmas 2014

Opening her stocking in the morning

Off to Sarah & Warrens for the big Swedish Christmas celebration

Christmas sangria

Then we heard mysterious bells coming from outside and all ran to the window to see

It was Santa! 

All the kids watched with glittering eyes

Some up close...

..and some from a distance

Morning of the 25th and it was time to open presents!

Minea woke up to a brand new little kitchen!

We all got so spoiled!

Seriously so many thoughtful, beautiful gifts! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Seeing the holiday season through the brand new eyes of a 1.5 year old is the biggest gift of all,