Saturday, 10 March 2012

Lovely memories

I was 18, fresh out of high school and had just moved to Canada. This was my first Canada Day parade, my first ever parade actually, and I snapped these pictures with my old analog camera. I remember the sound of a single engine cessna flying above and the smell of  hot asphalt, the cold of a cup of ice tea against my hand.  Everything was new.

Last summer at the lake. It was one of a few hot days we had that year and we were lucky enough to be out at the cabin to enjoy it. I had this vision of my dad and V for months before it happened. Floating in the lake, having a cold beer, enjoying the spectacular mountains surrounding them. 

This was the same day. Heading to the lake with both our families, being so incredibly happy to have my family with us and of course riding in the box of the truck as me and V seem to do whenever we get a chance for some reason. 

Taking the dogs for a swim and throwing sticks in the water over and over. Seeing how happy they are to cool off and sharing a sandwich as we watch them play.

Countless theme parties. Opening the door to dressed up, smiling friends, dancing in the living room and on couches. 

My mom wanted some pictures of me and my brother and sister so we went to the beach in Sweden and laughed at how silly we felt posing in front of the water.

Crayfish party. My favourite. So much singing, so much laughter.

Shopping in Vancouver. The sound of busy cars honking and the smell of street food and the feeling of our whole vacation still being ahead of us.

And of course always making the best of what we have, even if the neighbours think we are losing it.