Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Asparagus soup

Fresh eggs from a local farm. Can't wait to have our own chickens!

Scoping out the location of the future chicken coop, greenhouse and compost. 

Sometimes in the grocery store I get so overwhelmed by all the pretty colours of the veggies. I buy based on aesthetics and then look at recipes after. 

My lovely parents sent us Swedish candy, so yummy!

Made my own garam masala spice mix. A little toasty toasty...

and a little grindy grindy


Used that mix to make some butter chicken!

Found the perfect seamless/match box of hairdye. The year long search is over!

Came home to this lovely vision one day. Tiko is the main suspect. I should add there were mouldy brussel sprouts in this garbage, if you care to image that magnificent smell throughout the house.