Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I’ve been a little quiet about this cycle and the lack of action in the insemination department. As they would say on the many blogs and forums I visit “my cycle was cancelled due to…insert any sad reason here..” in my case a suspected overdose of progesterone which without going into the gory details left me bleeding heavily for over a month straight. There’s nothing worse than starting up this process and already having to take a break after one try.  So basically we’re just waiting for my hormones to get their sh*t together and stop being so dramatic they could rival an episode of the Real Housewives. Today I went and got a prescription for clomid. My last resort, my arch enemy, the kraft dinner on the day before payday (if craft dinner made you certifiably loco). But for right now it’s almost 8 and it’s still light out and there are 4 pairs of eyes staring me down wanting to go for a walk and 1 mind that needs fresh air and some loud music.