Monday, 20 February 2012

Day three, still in bed with the worst flu I’ve has since the winter of 2006, when multiple doctors took multiple test and told me they didn’t recognize what they were seeing. This is not quite as bad but mixing a bad head cold with migraine grade headaches, eye aches, constant back pain and feeling like I’m going to faint when I stand up is not exactly a cocktail of fun. The first night I was in so much pain I was moaning, praying for mercy and writhing like a birthing cow, making V and the dog both leave the bedroom. I’ve been falling asleep somewhere between 6 and 7 pm and sleeping for 12 hours waking up only to blow my nose or mumble something about not being able to live unless I have this 

Then there was the one night where V yelled out “HOMESCHOOLIIIING!!!” tourettes style in her sleep. Not only waking me up with a heart attack but also making me gigglecoughcouchgiggleouchmyhead. It hasn’t all been bad though, I have been well taken care of, been brought soup and candy (everyone knows Rolos cures colds!), a smoothie and countless cups of tea and homemade Portuguese bread and she even made me cinnamon buns from scratch! Plus I have set a new personal record in episodes watched of House Hunters International in less than 48 hours, so like I said, it hasn't all been for nothing!