Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The past few...in words.

We have hit the cusp between spring and summer on our travels. Sitting in parks with the sun beaming down so strong it almost seems angry. Walking on hot pavement and squinting up at high-rises with so many windows reflecting the light it almost seems a human made supernova. Dusty side roads and windows down on the highway. Finding the best ice cream shops wherever we go. Falling asleep to the view of the Calgary tower and coffee in the morning on the patio. Trying to ignore that achy feeling that there’s a reason we’re here. Doing my best to trust my body, trying to be its friend even though it’s let me down again and again. Baby duck watching and warm breezes through the trees. Grateful for couches and beds and air mattresses we’ve slept on, curtsey of good friends.  Picnics in parks and grass on bare feet. Wiping tears and magic lotion that takes away all pain when you’ve fallen at the playground. Exploring so many new parks and streets and so much walking through crowds, waiting at red lights. Tomorrow we are westbound. Goodbye Alberta, you’ve been a gem.