Thursday, 17 May 2012

Before and after

Hours before and blissfully unaware

Higgins first swim of the year

Then I took a ovulation test and to my extreme surprise it was positive. We had the whooooole week to do laundry and mow the lawn and clean the car and the house and get the spare room ready for my friend that's coming to visit, and pack for a week and a half on the road and get dog sitters and plant our flowers outside....or so we thought. Instead we had three hours to do all that and then get on the road for a 16 hour drive through the night. I stared at that test for 10 minutes straight while spinning around in a circle in our messy kitchen not knowing what to do or where to start. Why do something relaxed and planned when you can do it in panic and stress right?

Large coffees and 5 hour energy drinks in Burns Lake

Sunset in Fraser Lake

Sunrise in Jasper

Finally made it to Calgary!