Friday, 4 October 2013

A Saturday with the Mullens family

We (me and Minea) get up around 7 and have coffee in bed while Venessa sleeps in for a couple of hours. This little girl is always so happy in the mornings. Around 9 or 10 we usually skype with my family for an hour or two and during that time Venessa will make breakfast. This Saturday we had gluten free pumpkin pancakes with coconut greek yoghurt (omg!)

Then we drove out to Usk and realized the Ferry was out due to low water levels so we had to climb the 528759 stairs in pouring rain carrying the car seat.

A happy Ernie picked us up in his truck on the other side

Happy girls after hanging out at Ernie's for a couple of hours discussing old doors, crab apples and infected legs among other interesting topics.

On our way back the Ferry was running again which was good cause we were running late for dinner...

...with this awesome crew!