Wednesday, 31 July 2013

parking lots, box stores and hands that reach...

We are on the very verge of  life changing forever. The familiar drive to work, the parking lot in the back where I all of a sudden find myself without remembering how I got there. My mind drifts so much I’m surprised I am able to function. It’s almost another month and we are still waiting. Still singing and talking and reassuring her that there’s nothing to fear on the other side.

The front door stays open all day at work and lets in small breezes of hot air that collide with the AC, the contrast of the untouched jagged mountains that reaches above the mall and the box stores, the contrast almost painful. I’m not someone who reaches out my hands and asks, yet lately the amount of hands reaching out for us has left me more grateful than I have ever been. So much it’s almost heavy.

Tomorrow morning we will be giving her a gentle push towards the light, here’s hoping she gets the hint.