Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Jumping hearts, the sound of thunder and a secret garden.

We’ve been told the last few weeks would be brutal, the waiting, the anticipation and feeling that it could happen ANY TIME! Every time my phone rings or Venessa makes a noise my heart jumps in my chest. We have a routine of playing Minea a Swedish lullaby every night before sleep, talking to her as often as we can and feeling her elbows and bum so close to our hands on the other side of the skin. The longing is so intense and emotional, unlike anything I have ever felt before.

She’s been with us for what feels like forever, hearing the voices of our friends and the crackling of the fire on nights when it barely gets dark, the rain through our open bedroom window, the two of us singing loudly in the car. She’s heard the dogs bark at cars pulling in the driveway and us bickering about stupid things, the sound of thunder over the mountains and the Skeena rushing with spring water. She knows us but we can’t wait to know her!

These pictures are from a little adventure a couple of weeks ago where we fell in love with a piece of overgrown in bloom secret little garden.