Saturday, 8 June 2013

Come home outfits, nesting and roads full of surprises.

Becoming a parent comes with so many unknowns and even more expectations of how things are supposed to be. As we are getting closer and closer to the big day I’m finding my own process unravel in many unexpected ways. Being the other parent, especially the other female parent, definitely is a road full of surprises. One of them being nesting, which has taken on a life of its own in the past few weeks. I've spent countless hours washing baby clothes, carefully folding and organizing them into seasons and sizes. Not in a calm, zen kind of way but frantically and  with the determination of a crazy person. I picked out Minea’s coming home outfit in a 4 day stretch of stress and sleeplessness, all for a 20 minute car ride home. I realize what she’s wearing for her home-coming is painfully unimportant but I JUST CAN’T STOP!

At night Venessa sits on the couch (eating popsicles) watching the shows we used to watch together and I sit on the floor sweating with tears in my eyes because I don’t know if this onsie should go with the 0-3 month clothes or the 4-6..I mean it says 3 months but it looks really big OMGHELP!!