Friday, 15 March 2013

The past few...

After-work adventure to the lake

Cloudy with a chance of sun

Venessas first pregnancy "we have to drive to town and get ice cream now!) craving. She got cherry/strawberry and I got maple/licorice, the cute lady working at the shop said she would try to order hazelnut ice cream for us!

Beautiful roadtrip with Candice and Freya

Dinner at the neighbours, forget something at home just take the six-wheeler, no biggie!

German poker dinner party.

Representing the Northwest Integrative Healthcare Centre at a health fair, aka kicking ass and taking names!

Walk with the boys at the lake

Delicious gluten/dairy free cupcakes

First sunshine session of the year!

Vegetarian chili with cheddar/basil scones. Had chili leftovers for a week. Me and chili are on a break now.

Turkish dinner party