Wednesday, 27 April 2016

New waters, ants nests and tiny wonders.

I’ve been a bit quiet in this space as we are navigating some new waters around here. I’ve been working more, spending more time outside as the snow finally, but somehow all of a sudden, decided it was time to make room for new things. Spring is always such a weird time for me, where winter is  a warm blanket of darkness and short days, soups and milky teas in the morning, spring comes with expectation and force. The past few days surprised with a warmth usually saved for mid-summer days and as if almost in shock the tree buds suddenly exploded and brand new leafs are basking in the early spring rays.

Our little one has taken on an interest for exploring bugs and worms and those first, huge mosquitoes. Lifting rocks and finding the first ants nests, I pull my hands away quickly while she gets closer and asks a thousand questions. An earthworm spurs a conversation about family, a maggot sleeping under a pile of old firewood suddenly has a story and a name. I do love seeing the world like this, tiny wonders and eyes wide open to every part of life.

We hid under the blankets today waiting for mommy to come home from work, we do this quite often, hush and shhhushhh and squeal and giggle when we hear footsteps down the hall. My sweet girl, always jumping, twirling, dancing, singing in the back of the car. Refusing to wear anything but dresses and gumboots, that is if she’s wearing anything at all.