Thursday, 12 November 2015


Foxy lady going to Mila's birthday brunch

She started the morning out as a bee

Then moved on to the cutest Pippi I ever did see. She kept the wig on all day and all night while trick or treating.

Mary and Burt. We put a movie on for Minea and quickly changed into character followed by some impressive arm in arm chim chimney singing into the livingroom to see our daughter's face light up with glee...except she hated it. Take it ooofffff nooooo mammaaaaaa. Surprise was on us, ha! 

Halloween party at the gymnastics club with Freya, a mini haunted house and trampoline jumping.

Trick of treating with the minions was priceless! Frikk or freeeet. Love love love holidays with our little one. And the rain stayed away for a couple of hours and Minea was so excited about all the candy and knocking on doors but mostly about hanging out with friends all day.