Thursday, 23 July 2015

Magic light, wood floors and childhood memories

Our annual family cabin (more like giant house) week is the highlight of the year for me. A whole week away with new sights, long dinners and of course unlimited family time. This year we really lucked out with this place, I mean...I can't even explain how much I loved this place. The light was magical, at any time of day, the surrounding fields with the old stone walls used to keep cattle from escaping in the old days. From the huge fruit trees (I can only imagine what they look like in full bloom) to the old creaking wood floors and the earth cellar carefully built up on rocks. I wanted to move here and live happy ever after, amen! 

I don't think this pile of sand was meant to be a sandbox for kids but that it became!

a rare moment of them not fighting

I mean...the light! 

little cousins big world

the light!

My brother drove down from Stockholm a couple of days after his 30th birthday so a big feast was to be expected

evenings like these are what childhood memories are made of

did I mention the light?