Thursday, 5 March 2015

BBQ coffee, horse kisses and snowfalls.

A few short weeks ago we had a massive, record-breaking snowfall. Got sent home from work, most of downtown shut down and then got I snowed in for a couple of days. 

Venessa was stuck in Vancouver and Minea was stuck with her grandparents the whole time so it was a solo mission for me at ye olde homestead. I had to dig my car out so I could charge my phone and luckily we had brought the bbq up on the deck a few days before because we thought spring was coming (ha!) so I could cook and make coffee. I felt like a true survivor, give me propane and a cellphone and I can survive at least 4-6 hours without power, it's impressive.

After the storm...and the 4th time I had to dig the cars out.

Did I mention it snowed?

Kinda done with snow.

What's the fastest and easiest way to get rice all over your house? I've got the answer!

Our daily routine includes visiting the horses down the road. Minea has to kiss each one and give them carrots before she's satisfied. 

She really, really loves horses.