Monday, 27 October 2014

Cheers, cat fur and the queen's wave

Life lately has been slowing down and is getting so busy at the same time. Slowing down in the way that the end of summer and beginning of fall seems to involve earlier nights and slower mornings. Having a busy walking(!) toddler is pretty much the greatest and most exhausting thing. Running away from me with objects she can not have in her hands is the #1 funnest game at the moment, so is pulling the fur off the cat, then eating it, then getting upset because she has hair in her mouth.

Last night we took Minea for an evening walk down the street and once we got back to our driveway me and Venessa turned down it to walk back to the house, Minea gave us the queens wave and kept walking down the street. I love her spunk and sass so much, I hope she never loses it.

Our weekend was busy with a birthday party, play date and a trip up to the ski hill to find snow, snow we did not find but blueberries and roasting hot dogs on an open fire made up for it.

I know it's common knowledge that little kids brains are sponges but I can not believe how fast she is learning and picking up things. Minea you are so so so smart! Venessa swears it's all the fish oil she took while pregnant which is funny to me somehow. Doing all the motions to itsy bitsy spider and all the animals noises she makes, she says thank you, look, look there (all in Swedish) and her own name, hi and nononono when she knows she's not allowed to do what she's doing. We show her something once and she remembers days later! We have also realized this is something to consider when we do show her things, like saying cheers, she will not take a drink without cheersing us both...also any other glasses that might be on the table or nearby, or in the dishrack...and if we don't cheers her she just yells it louder until we do "All done cheers" I say as she just frowns at me like don't you forget who taught me to do this lady!