Friday, 16 May 2014

hot air, deep breaths and Iceland

The air was so hot today, I hung three loads of laundry outside and Minea took two shaky steps with a walker. I woke up feeling defensive and dark on the inside. I mark it on the calendar to try and find a pattern. Two women were fighting outside the grocery store, yelling and swearing at each other. I though, how liberating to be able to yell out your feelings, to have them be on the outside.

I had my second ever nap with Minea today, both of us tired from a couple of teething nights with lots of interruptions. I know her face so well, tiny specs of her breakfast cereal stuck beside her ear where she scratched herself., her tiny mouth slightly open. “Mamma needs to take a lot of deep breaths today” I tell her.

Two tiny birds made a home in a small hole in the wall of our house, I feel oddly protective over them, one of our chickens hasn’t left the coop for a few days and I worry. It makes me realize that all life is equal and thoughts of becoming vegan enter my mind more and more. 

My peas are coming up and getting into the habit of watering every night is a nice addition.  I’m very grateful that these 2.4 acres can’t be taken away from us, with more and more stories of big oil companies moving in and subdivisions going up and I got stuck in traffic for 15 minutes today! It makes me want to retreat, further away, more quiet. I think Iceland would be magnificent. I hear the Icelandic government will neither confirm nor deny the existence of elves, reason enough to move there! But for now and probably for a long time this is our safe place.