Tuesday, 11 February 2014

6 months

Every time I sit down to write these monthly reports I get so emotional, start crying and by the time I've got up to get some tissue and got myself together you're usually waking up from your nap and my writing time is over. Which is why I might have skipped month 5, oops! 

We are getting into the swing of things you and me, being at home together all day, creating our own routines and exploring new things. You are so aware and interested in everything around you, especially the animals. Each morning I take you out of the crib and we go and say good morning to them all individually before we start our day. We started giving you little tastes of food a couple of weeks ago and you are a little eating machine. Apples, carrots, broccoli, pears, blackberries...you love it all! I'm having so much fun making your food and mixing flavours together for you to try. 

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny (cold) day that we spent outside, we made a fire and watched friends skating far out on the frozen lake, we came home with rosy cheeks and completely wiped from all the fresh air. A small side note, the next time you decide to have a big poop on your not regular poop time, can you try to do it when you don't have 5 layers of clothing on, when your moms for once remember to bring the diaper bag and preferably when we are around running water, that' be great thanks! 

You are 25 inches and 14 lb 4 oz and that was with a full diaper.