Thursday, 19 December 2013

4 months (a little late)

Happy four months little Minea! You are changing so fast these days, it seemed you learned to grab and hold overnight and you now grab everything within your reach. Goodbye earrings and having my hair down. You've gone from being miss independent, would rather lay by yourself than be held, to enjoying being held and cuddled. I love it, you hold your face close to mine when there are lots of people around and you fall asleep easily on my chest for your morning naps, both hands holding mine.

You are loving living with your mormor and morfar and when we go downstairs in the mornings you push yourself forward, hanging out of my arms to try and see who is down in the kitchen, always greeting them with a shy morning smile.

You are teaching us all about change and going with the flow, not having expectations and living in the moment. You are keeping us on our toes with your likes and dislikes the past few weeks. Sometimes you love your car seat and sleep in it for hours and sometimes I have to climb to the back of the car on the highway or in a huge roundabout and show you videos of yourself on my phone to stop your from screaming. Some days you have long naps and some days lots of short ones, some nights you sleep long stretches and some nights you are up every three hours (which is why I’m writing this at 4 am, hello sleep regression!) I have come to learn that being a parent is so much about letting go and day by day living. I am loving every second of it!

I am now sure you have inherited both Venessa’s and Kevin’s dramatic streak, if you start crying and I’m not running up those stairs within 2.5 seconds you are clearly choking, coughing, crying and throwing your head around exorcist-style as if you are all alone and the world is crumbling around you. Suddenly you go quiet when you hear me push the handle down to open the door and often greet me with your big, goofy smile as you show me your new trick of holding onto your feet. Our little drama actress. 

Yesterday was your cousin Jack’s first birthday and we took you to the pool for some baby swimming. You love your baths so much we were pretty sure you would be in heaven and you were! 
In a few days we will have our first Christmas with you, our first Christmas as a family, it will be quite emotional for me I’m sure and maybe for you as well, it will be your first time meeting the entire (loud) extended family. It is time to introduce you to the smell of herring and the sounds of your great grandpa playing the accordion.