Wednesday, 6 November 2013

3 months!

3 months already! Little sweet Minea, you fill my heart until it almost bursts when I’m around you. I start thinking of you in the grocery store or at work and my eyes well up with tears. You've discovered your hands this month and when you’re not batting toys around or holding on to your wubba you seem to have them both in your mouth.

We took you trick or treating with your cousins on Halloween and you stayed awake the whole time, quiet and observing the voices and lights and fireworks. You even scored us some candy!

Thank you for making us laugh out loud every day, for being the anchor that keeps us still and grounded. Thank you for being such a great converser and excellent flirty smiler, our tiny bubble blower.

I can’t wait for our big trip with you next week (Venessa says if you have a screaming fit on the plane we have to buy everyone a round so please refrain) We are going to have so much fun and I cant wait to spend the next 8 months being a stay at home mom with you. You are my greatest adventure!