Sunday, 29 September 2013

2 months...

You're officially not two months until Wednesday (my birthday!) but since I have moment to write I will. The last thing I said to Venessa before going to sleep last night was I can't believe I get to spend the whole day with Minea again tomorrow I am so grateful for every moment with you. Every morning you greet us with a huge toothless smile and stretch your little arms up above your head. You are smiling and talking so much now, loud excited noises that makes us laugh and you squint your eyes and blow little bubbles and it's almost too cute to handle.

You are such an awesome sleeper and adventurer (yesterday you went on a cable car across the river) often combining both which makes it so easy for us. You are really loving our walks lately, we walk once sometimes twice a day now and the cool fall air puts you right to sleep, plus we get to bundle you up in cute sweaters and hats and blankets.

You don't mind big sloppy dog kisses or riding in the car, unless you're hungry...if you're hungry and we don't drop everything and feed you within 2 minutes, watch out! (Venessa is the same way, I always have to carry granola bars just in case) Every week I'm putting another onesie or pajamas away because you are growing so fast!

Happy 2 months little girl, we love you so much.