Saturday, 18 May 2013

I am so very grateful for...

The lady who brought the rabbit in to the office and the cute old lady who asked what kind of dog it was.

All the gifts and clothes we’ve been given by family and friends for little Minea. Forever and ever grateful for this! She has the most amazing wardrobe!

The 25+ degree weather we had for a few weeks that made spring stumble all over itself and reveal her colours sooner than expected.

Baby smiles every day of the week from various baby girls around me.

Minea moving so much lately and responding to our singing and laughing.

The chicken coop being done and all the hard work Venessa put into it and the help we got to finish it.  Those  little chicks all sleep together in a  pile of feathers and it’s really sweet.

Having a job that feels like home, when everyone else is counting down to the long weekend I don’t even realize I have three days off coming up.

Going to pick up a mother’s day gift for Venessa’s mom the store we were in were handing out cake and roses to all mothers. The lady at the counter congratulated Venessa and gave her a piece of cake and a yellow rose. Instead of just pretending like I was just a friend I told them it was our baby and was met with big smiles and good for yous.