Wednesday, 3 April 2013

sea lions, firelight and exposed riverbeds

The Easter long weekend brought sunshine and spring feelings galore! We took the dogs to the river and walked under the old bridge, across a stream and out onto the exposed riverbed. Picked up a package from my family with all beautiful things for our baby bird and I cried as I always do when I get something from home. We got the house ready for Easter dinner and I couldn't keep from going outside over and over to look at the budding rosebush in front of our house. I hope it takes over and swallows it in pink petals. That evening we spent surrounded by friends, singing and eating and ending up in that dancing firelight that shows silhouettes of friends' smiles and makes everything aglow.

The next morning we decided to go for a day trip to Prince Rupert and on the way we saw more sea lions then I could dream of, hunting and playing in the water and giving us quite the show. Followed by lunch on the water while the tide came up and smelling the ocean was the best hangover cure I can think of!

Our puppies got treated to a walk in the park followed by their favourite treat (ice cream) and the evening ended with watching birds on our neighbour's porch and talking about jambalaya with fresh crab and mussels (which we are having tonight!) We are two very, very lucky gals!