Tuesday, 18 September 2012

salty oceans, new focus and lifted veils

It hasn’t been easy making the change from spending every day with my family to being oceans and continents apart. I think this was my favourite trip in the way that we took so much time to appreciate everything all the time. The bike rides to the beach, the healing evening swims in the salty ocean, sleeping in every day and being so spoiled and well taken care of that the stress and sadness of the past few months seem to disintegrate. 

What has been easy is the new found focus on something else but getting pregnant, on anything else but getting pregnant. For a few months we’ve been Fia and Venessa who goes to Europe, who goes for morning canoe rides and goes out with our friends on the weekends. I am so grateful the veil of depression lifted and I’m almost back to myself. I needed a break, some sun, some time away and my binoculars se on different sights.