Sunday, 1 July 2012

When they calculated balance, they forgot to take into account
How heavy sadness can weighs, compared to any atomic weight
And for Libras’ to be off kilter, is a burden twice measured
When the internal scale wants nothing but to move
Closer to resembling, what nature taught from the beginning
And the abundance of apathy eclipses the speed of light

How can I stop it from seeping into every single one of my relationships?
my dearest ones
and how it taints them with this unspoken untruth
that I’m giving an Oscar winning worthy performance
while specks of dust dance in the spotlight
alone on stage
my monologue is not sharp like tongues or swords
my bargaining skills are mad and imperfect
please I will trade you this for early onset diabetes, hair loss, a lazy eye
what can I give you in return?
To have myself back